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Do you believe catering should be a choice at Will Rogers Memorial Center?

Today, Sandy Baker with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram published an article regarding the City of Fort Worth moving forward with a contract that will now exclude any and all private catering options from the Will Rogers Memorial Center. A link to that article is here:

With this proposal, all events – save for the Southwestern Exposition & Livestock Show – at the Will Rogers Memorial Center will now be required to also use the Omni Hotel’s catering service, Trinity Beverage.

Since 1996, Reata has proudly supported many Fort Worth-based charitable organizations. We have always believed in giving back to this community, and will continue to do so whenever possible. However, the monopoly that will be in place at Will Rogers will directly impact how we can support many of this area’s most worthy causes.

Reata’s financial loss from the Will Rogers catering exclusions will be manageable for our business. We will once again absorb the additional deficit, and shoulder this financial burden. Unfortunately, this will be a larger and more difficult loss for other Fort Worth caterers to attempt to make up for their business. Several smaller catering operations and local entrepreneurs who may not have a full-service restaurant behind their operation could in fact be forced out of business completely, all because of the city’s proposal to exclude free enterprise.

If you agree as I do that catering should be a choice at Will Rogers Memorial Center, I urge you to write your City Council representative and share your thoughts on this important subject. A list of those representatives is linked to Reata’s website at

Thank You,

Al & Mike Micallef